“The headshots I want to see really look like the actor, not overly dolled up and not heavily made up or trying too hard to fit into a type. I like you to look natural, approachable, and relatable, with your real personality coming through. The angle of the shot should also be natural, but it’s important to me to see a clear image, one that doesn’t hide your eyes. It’s very important to me to receive headshots that are current. If, for example, you are now 20 years older than your picture and I bring you in based on that headshot, it not only gives me the impression of an unprofessional actor, but it also takes away an opportunity from other actors who are appropriate for the role.” -“Keeping It Real and Unique” by Simi Horwitz.

Below are some of the most common questions I get but if you don’t see the answer to your specific question please just give me a shout.

What’s your experience?

I’ve been a photographer for about 20 years.  My work has appeared in all the major (and many of the minor) newspapers here in Los Angeles and in Chicago.

I’m lucky to work with some of the biggest corporation and firms here in California.

Do you use “Natural light”? 

Yes but I also mix in studio lighting.  I think it makes the pictures pop a little more.

Do you have any agency recommendations?

Sure, just ask.

What’s your cancellation policy? 

You can move your appointment.   We all have busy crazy lives.   I just need to know a couple of days before.  Try your best not to cancel though…it’s a little bit of pain.

What’s your reshoot policy?

If a technical problem on my side occured then a full reshoot is done.  (Just so you know this has never happened.)  If you find after the shoot that we missed something that you or your agent wanted then give me a call and we’ll do a quick redo at no extra cost.  My only rule is it has to be within two weeks of the original shoot.

How do you take payments? 

Credit card, cash and check.  Whatever is easier for you.

How many people do you book per day? 

Two is my max.  I don’t want you or me to feel like we’re in a factory pumping out headshots.

Do you shoot on weekends? 

Yup.  I try to work with your schedule.

What do I do after my pictures are posted online? 

Well first you have to find the images you want.  Get all your friends, agent and manager to view your proofs online and when you find the images you love email me the number of the pictures and I’ll get to work retouching.  After they are retouched then you’ll take the images into one of the many headshot reproduction houses in LA for printing or upload them online.

Do you have a favorite reproduction house? 

Yeah I like Argentum.  I get nothing for recommending them to you but I think they do great work.  You can visit them at www.argentum.com.  Mention you shot with me and they’ll give you a 20% discount.

Do you keep backups of the photo shoot? 

Yes I do.

How often should I get headshots?

About every year or as soon as you change something about your appearance.  Remember that the headshots has to look exactly like you so if you trim off 10 pounds or change your hair make sure your promo material reflect that.

Do I need a make up artist?  

It’s up to you.  Most people don’t use them and for the price you will pay for one you can get a load of retouching done.  That being said some people feel more confident with a makeup artists and they are also an extra set of eyes during the photoshot to help make sure everything is perfect.  So think about what you need and can afford.  I have a few that I can book for you and they charge around $125.00.   They are paid separately from me.  You can also bring your own too.

Can I do my own makeup? 

Sure and most people do.  Just make sure its well blended.

Do you do retouching?  

Yes I do and you’ll receive basic retouched pictures when you shoot with me.  The number of retouched pictures depends on the package you choose.  Basic retouching includes blemish removal, stray hair reduction and whitening of eyes and teeth.  If you need more than the package includes I charge $30.00 per picture.  For more extensive retouching I’ll give you a quote.

What should I bring to the shoot? 

A bunch of clothes all camera ready.  Your makeup, if you’re wearing it, and a brush.  Powder is important and chapstick helps too.

copy write Tim Sullens Photography